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Six Channel Blog Entries The VAR Guy Didn't Write: Jan. 15

Alas, The VAR Guy abandoned his New Year’s resolutions this week. Our resident blogger is drinking Latte again. Lots of it. But all that extra caffeine didn’t help The VAR Guy to meet his daily deadlines. Here are six channel blog entries our resident blogger didn’t write for the week ending January 15, 2010.

Where Is the Volvo of SaaS?

When portions of went dark earlier today, The VAR Guy started to wonder: Will there ever be a Volvo-type company in the SaaS (software as a service) market? Will a SaaS company ever aggressively promote its safety and reliability? Or will occasional outages and painful crashes remain the norm for some SaaS companies and their customers? Before you answer consider several recent events…

Checking On ConnectWise Hosted

Two ConnectWise customers say Hosted Server — recently rebranded as ConnectWise .net Cloud Server —  is down, and ConnectWise has sent emergency notification emails to both customers. Here’s some quick analysis but I’m being cautious here: I don’t know if this is a really small, isolated outage or something larger. Updated Dec. 22, 7:40 p.m. […]

ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini: Keynote Recap

Standing before more than 900 managed service providers and VARs, ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini (pictured) urged the IT nation to focus on small business opportunities and long-tail IT opportunities.

ConnectWise Partner Summit: Top 15 Day 1 Highlights

More than 900 managed service providers and VARs are networking this week at the ConnectWise Partner Summit, which kicked off November 4 in Orlando, Fla. Here are the top 15 highlights from the first evening’s events.

Seven Managed Services Blog Entries We Didn't Have Time to Write: Oct. 30

Life is moving pretty fast. Voicemail  and email are overflowing. And we’re packing for multiple events the week of Nov. 2. Here’s a look at seven managed services blog entries we didn’t have a chance to write for the week ending Oct. 30, 2009. 7. Managed Print Heads for Home: Xerox has unveiled a managed […]

Hosted ConnectWise Restored

As of 10:30 a.m. eastern on Oct. 28, ConnectWise has restored service to 198 partners impacted by a Hosted ConnectWise outage, according to CEO Arnie Bellini. MSPmentor posted chatter about the outage on Oct. 27. Readers weighed in and Bellini posted an apology. So, what’s next? First, MSPmentor’s own original headline overstated the issue. Our […]

ConnectWise Cloud: Dark Until Oct. 28?

A single growing pain or real problems? ConnectWise apparently is working to restore its hosted PSA service. Problems seem to have started mid-day October 26 and there are indications full service won’t be restored until Oct. 28. Here are some of the details. Updated 10:49 a.m. eastern, Oct. 28: ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini informs me […]

Memo to Twitter: Start Charging And Kill the Fail Whale

Rewind two years and I thought Twitter was a fatal distraction that harmed business productivity. Fast forward to the present and I now believe Twitter is a communications channel that can boost sales and trigger new customer engagements.

Amazon S3 Storage Service Goes Dark Again’s Simple Storage Service (S3) suffered its second big service outage this year on Sunday, July 20, notes GigaOm. Om Malik reports that some S3 services were down for eight hours. I’m packing at the moment for some business travel, so deeper analysis will have to wait. But here’s a quick thought: If can’t […] Attracts Managed Services Interest

For the second time in a week, I’m hearing buzz about managed service providers working more closely with’s Simple Storage Service (also known as Amazon S3). For MSPs, the trick is embracing a reliable back-end storage service without mitigating your own brand in the market.