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Google Postini Adds Email Continuity for Microsoft Exchange

Google vs. Microsoft? That’s so 2010. With the launch of Google Message Continuity, the search giant’s Postini message services arm ads “Gmail’s reliability” to on-premises Microsoft Exchange 2003 or 2007 deployments. With the two working in concert, Exchange messages are backed up to Google’s cloud and can be accessed in a Gmail-like interface that can […]

Mimecast Extends Security and Archiving to Microsoft Cloud

Mimecast, which already provides cloud-based email security, continuity, archiving and policy control, now plans to support the Microsoft BPOS SaaS productivity and collaboration suite. The company says the new support has seeks to solve customers’ migration headaches. Here are the details.

KEMP Technologies LoadMaster DR

How can VARs enhance business continuity within customer data centers? Kemp Technologies continues to pitch load balancers. And yes, there’s a new fleet of solutions on the way. Here are the details.

ConnectWise Cloud: Expanding on Three Continents

At first glance, ConnectWise is largely an on-premise PSA (professional services automation) platform. But take a closer look and you’ll learn that roughly one-third of ConnectWise users have shifted to the company’s cloud offering. And ConnectWise has also launched a free, publicly available status dashboard to let users — and anyone else — know how the company’s cloud services are performing.

Microsoft Launches SMB Cloud Champions Club for BPOS VARs

If you’re a partner that’s shown Microsoft you’re committed to their vision for cloud services, then does Microsoft Online Services have an offer for you: the US SMB Cloud Champions Club, an exclusive tiered program for VARs with three or more active BPOS customers with 75 or more total seats. And The VAR Guy hears […]

Microsoft Cloud Outage: Will Partners Accept BPOS Apology?

Give Microsoft credit: In a blog post, the software giant has publicly apologized for recent cloud and SaaS outages involving BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite). The outages impacted North American customers leveraging Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and other Microsoft hosted applications. Feeling bruised, some channel partners are seeking alternative hosted Exchange and hosted SharePoint options.

Microsoft Exchange Online: More Cloud Problems

It’s been another bumpy day for Microsoft BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite), which includes Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and other Microsoft SaaS applications. The upshot: BPOS suffered another outage of some sort today; it’s the second time in less than a week that Microsoft’s cloud has given some SaaS partners and customers fits. Once again, […]

Cloud Outages: Don't Fear the Temporary Darkness

At first glance, today wasn’t such a great day for cloud computing. Microsoft suffered its second major cloud outage in recent weeks, raising more questions about the reliability of big, commercial cloud systems. Still, I’ve got a theory: I suspect cloud computing is still more reliable than most on-premises networks. Here’s why.

Microsoft Cloud Outage: BPOS Suffers Partial Failure

Portions of Microsoft BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite), the software giant’s SaaS platform, have gone dark for the second time in less than a month. Here’s the update along with perspectives from The VAR Guy.

SMB Crisis Management: Address Smoke Before There's Fire

If I seem tired, it’s because my hotel had two false fire alarms last night. All of the hotel guests, including me, had to exit the hotel twice during the middle of the night. Exhausted parents. Tired kids. Burned out bloggers. The situation could have turned ugly. But the hotel addressed potential customer complaints before […]

Intuit SaaS Outage: Comparing Car Crashes to Plane Crashes

About a week or two ago, I heard an interesting theory stating that cloud computing is far more reliable than on-premises systems. I happen to believe the theory, and I figured I’d share it with you now. Why? Because plenty of people are talking about this week’s Intuit SaaS outage. Despite the Intuit outage, we’re still betting our media business on the cloud. Here’s why.

Apptix Launches Hosted Email Security for On-Premises

Apptix is continuing its push to build its name in the messaging services market as they launch two new products aimed at providing hosted security solutions for on-premises e-mail systems: Apptix Perimeter Email Defense and Email Defense with Continuity. Here’s the scoop. The first new solution, Perimeter Email Defense, is aimed at helping reduce the […]

How to Over Communicate During a SaaS Outage

When you’re a cloud or SaaS specialist, you can’t hide during an unexpected outage. Instead, the far wiser approach is to over communicate facts with partners and customers. That’s exactly the approach Reflexion Networks has taken this week after experiencing a SAN (storage area network) issue with its hosted email security services. Here are the details.