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Seven Managed Services Blogs MSPmentor Didn't Write: April 22

The weekend is here, which means it’s time for the MSPmentor team to re-charge and relax. We’ll be back online if any big news breaks. But in the meantime here are seven managed services blogs the MSPmentor team didn’t have time to write for the week ending April 22, 2011. 7. British Invasion: A major […]

Sony PlayStation Network: Gaming Cloud Remains Dark

For cloud computing this week represents the worst of times — and the best of times. On the downside, the Sony PlayStation Network cloud has been down since April 20 and the outages could stretch into this weekend. Amazon Web Services (AWS) also suffered a cloud outage this week. But don’t weep for the cloud: […]

Amazon Web Services Cloud Outage: The Impact

What do Foursquare, Twitter, HootSuite, Reddit, Quora, and GroupMe all have in common? Well first off, they’re all very popular places for people to connect on the Internet. But more than that, they’re among the many websites that went down yesterday thanks to some serious Amazon Web Services (AWS) degradation. And where most cloud failures […]

When Reddit Goes Down, Is The Cloud To Blame?

I’ve recently become addicted to Reddit, the extremely popular (more than 1 billion pageviews per month) social news and views site that breeds in-jokes like fungus. So when Reddit crashed for six hours starting Friday morning, it left many thousands of active users jonesing for a fix. When administrators finally came back with an explanation, […]


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Symantec Survey Warns SMBs Not Ready for Service Disruption

It may come as no surprise that a security company is recommending people increase their computers’ levels of protection, but a recent survey by Symantec shows that SMBs aren’t taking security seriously enough. I spoke to Bernard Laroche, senior director of SMB product marketing at Symantec about the findings.

Small Business Cloud Computing: Is Wall Street Journal Right?

In case you missed it, The Wall Street Journal recently took a close look at cloud computing’s potential benefits for small businesses. The Journal says only about 7 percent of small businesses have embraced the cloud, and the primary business drivers are disaster avoidance and cost cutting. I half-agree with the piece. Frankly, I think […]

Skype CIO Apologizes for Outage: Lessons for VARs and MSPs in the Cloud

When a cloud service goes dark, somebody has to step up to the microphone, apologize, explain what went wrong, and describe how similar outages will be avoided in the future. Such was the case this week for Skype CIO Lars Rabbe, who has posted a blog entry describing Skype’s recent outage and corrective measures. But […]

CA Technologies Study: Over $26 Billion Lost in Downtime

With all the talk about virtualization, energy efficiency and all the other ways for a company to save money on its IT costs, sometimes companies overlook the most obvious money-saver – avoiding downtime. A network outage can lead to lost productivity, lost revenue and – possibly the most important – lost customer trust.