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Microsoft Office Live Cloud Suite Back After SMB Access Issues

TalkinCloud might be reporting on a lot of chatter around the impending Microsoft Office 365, but several SMBs are still using the Microsoft Office Live solution for their cloud productivity needs. And now Microsoft is reporting that Microsoft Office Live Small Business is back in action after some users experienced “intermittent access” issues. Just don’t […]

Talkin' Cloud Stock Index Dips After High-Profile Outages

If a rising tide lifts all boats, does a departing tide lower them? That’s the question posed by this week’s Talkin’ Cloud Stock Index update. The 20 cloud and SaaS companies that make up the index are still up an overall 12.56 percent for 2011, but every single stock we monitor (with the exception of […]

Doyenz: Beyond Backup to Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

Doyenz CEO Ashutosh Tiwary knows the cloud backup and cloud storage markets are extremely crowded. Instead of focusing on commodity storage, Tiwary says Doyenz — and its channel partners — will profit from rapid, virtualized, cloud-based disaster recovery services. Tiwary shared his perspectives with me during the HTG Peer Groups Spring Conference in Dallas this […]

VMware Cloud Foundry Experiences Its Own Cloud Outage

Welcome to the cloud outage club, VMware. The company’s fledgling Cloud Foundry PaaS offering, which had only begun to position itself as an alternative to Microsoft Windows Azure dominance, is back online after a short outage. The outage itself lasted from April 24-25, but VMware has only begun to explain what happened. Why are some […]

Despite Amazon Outage, Cloud Stocks Rise 2.1% for the Week

Despite recent high-profile cloud outages at and Sony, investor enthusiasm for cloud computing stocks remains strong. Indeed, the Talkin’ Cloud Stock Index rose 2.1 percent for the week ending April 29, 2011. Amazon was among the cloud index’s weekly winners. Other big weekly winners included Citrix Systems, Equinix, NetSuite, RightNow and Vocus Inc. The […]

Last Call: 15 Most Read Channel News Stories, April 29

The VAR Guy is nearly ready to unplug for the weekend. But before he exits for a bit, he’s trying to catch up on the channel news. So what is on his reading list? Here are the 15 most read blogs from across our sites (The VAR Guy, TalkinCloud and MSPmentor) for the week ending April 29, 2011. Take a look…

…at the lineup…

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15 Most Read Cloud Channel Partner News Stories, April 29

We know TalkinCloud readers — VARs, MSPs and cloud service providers (CSPs) — are quite busy. So in case you missed it, here are the 15 most read channel blog entries from across our media sites (MSPmentor, The VAR Guy and TalkinCloud) for the week ending April 29, 2011. The lineup… From MSPmentor: The Ultimate […]

Sony PlayStation Network Outage: Yes, Personal Data Leaked

Time to come clean: I’m one of the 75 million users affected by the Sony PlayStation Network gaming cloud outage. That’s why I got an automated message in my personal inbox that finally explains what happened with Sony’s network, what data the hackers were privy to, and what steps users should take to protect themselves. […]

Amazon Web Services: How Not to Handle a Cloud Outage

If you’re reading TalkinCloud, you’re probably up to speed on the great Amazon Web Services outage of 2011, in which the failure of an Amazon EC2 edge location knocked several websites and cloud services offline. But that’s not all that failed – when Amazon EC2 went down, it seems as though Amazon’s ability to effectively […]

Amazon Q1 2011 Earnings High, But No Clouds in Sight seems to be in one of those “good news/bad news” situations when it comes to its Q1 earnings. The good news: sales are up 38 percent year-over-year, meaning Amazon did $9.86 billion of business. The bad news: net income is down 33 percent and operating income took only slightly less of a hit. But […]

Sony Doesn't Know If PlayStation Network Leaked Credit Cards

A Sony PlayStation Network gaming cloud outage that was supposed to last no more than two days has entered its fourth, with no word on when online play can resume. But worse than that, a Sony representative said in an interview with PCworld that he was unsure if the hackers who brought the Network to […]

Amazon Outage Doesn't Stop Cloud Stocks from Rising

The biggest cloud news last week was the Amazon Web Services outage, and it has many doubting the security and reliability of the IaaS model. All the same, the Talkin’ Cloud Stock Index rose 1.79 percent for the week ending April 22, 2011 — though the fact that Amazon’s cloud likely won’t be up to […]

Update: Amazon Web Services Still Not Back to Full Service

Most of the websites and services affected by late last week’s Amazon Web Services outage are back up after a little IT wizardry and a lot of consternation. But even as I write this, the North Virginia AWS location that caused all this trouble still isn’t back at 100 percent functionality. The Internet has largely […]