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The Open Source Channel Meets Amazon Web Services

The VAR Guy is smiling. Another of his predictions is coming true: The emerging open source IT channel is converging with cloud services. To wit, OpenBI — a business intelligence solutions provider — is deploying applications in Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for a health care company. Here’s the scoop.

First, let’s review the players in this customer deployment:

The Best of the Best


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  • Annual partner network growth (in raw numbers)
  • Annual partner network percentage growth
  • Percent of revenue derived from partners
  • Internal employees per channel partner
  • The VAR Guy’s intense, daily coverage of open source in the IT channel

Rank Company Open Source Specialty Channel Chief Title

Red Hat Invests In Open Source Business Intelligence Company

The delicate dance between Red Hat Enterprise Linux and open source application providers continues. The latest example: Red Hat is among the latest investors in Jaspersoft, which specializes in open source business intelligence. Here’s the scoop, from The VAR Guy:

This week Jaspersoft is expected to announce:

Business Intelligence for Small Business: Smart Move?

From Best Buy to Wal-Mart, big companies use business intelligence (BI) software to drive new revenue and market opportunities. Now, those high-end market solutions seem to be pushing down — through the IT channel — into small and midsize businesses. Skeptical? Check out this anecdotal information from SAS Institute.

Fortune 50 Discovers Pentaho, Open Source Business Intelligence Software

The Global 2000 is nice. The Fortune 500 is very nice. But selling into the Fortune 50 — especially for a small open source company like Pentaho — is extra sweet. Pentaho, which recently launched version 2.0 of its open source business intelligence software, says it has won business with several Fortune 50 companies.

Does Your Staff Need An Emotional Rescue?

For many entrepreneurs and executives, emotions don’t have a place at work. I have met and worked for many senior managers who expect employees to show up in uniform, ready to play, with their game face on. I have also been that manager at times—the one with his own problems who just wishes everyone would do their jobs without complaint and let me do mine.

10 Open Source Companies Set to Dominate 2008

The VAR Guy spent most of 2007 blogging about open source start-ups and open source business models. As he looks ahead to 2008, The VAR Guy knows hundreds of open source software providers are seeking to catch on in the corporate market. Here are the top 10 open source providers and platforms that are set […]

Software as a Service: Two Options Worth Noting

For many managed service providers, hosted email represents a first foray into software as a service (SaaS). But email is a commodity these days — a nice, basic offering that pays decent dividends but won’t make you rich. If you’re looking for growing SaaS opportunities, it might be time to embrace hosted CRM (customer relationship […]

Four Reasons IBM Spent $5 Billion on Cognos

The VAR Guy is usually skeptical of software acquisitions. But IBM’s $5 billion buyout of Cognos, the business intelligence specialist, makes perfect sense. Here are four reasons why the pending deal, announced today, is a good fit for IBM. 1. Similar Cultures: The VAR Guy spent many months moderating CIO events for Cognos, and also […]

Business Intelligence Companies: Objects of Desire

Another business intelligence specialist has been acquired, and this time Oracle wasn’t the company opening its wallet. It’s time for Business Objects to say goodbye to its independence. The buyer is SAP AG. The big question: What does the deal mean for Cognos, MicroStrategy and SAS — three of the larger business intelligence companies that […]

SAS Channel Program Goes Global

The VAR Guy has been trading email with SAS Institute for a few weeks, chatting back and forth about the role of VARs in the business intelligence market. And in a recent phone chat, SAS Channel Chief Miles Mahoney described how the company would push its partner program into international markets. Admittedly, The VAR Guy […]

Killer Combo: MySQL Meets BI

The VAR Guy is often skeptical of software partnerships, especially when the relationships are little more than glossy press releases and empty marketing promises. But in the open source marketplace, where application developers are trying to prove their business savvy, some partnerships deliver real value. One prime example: JasperSoft (the business intelligence company) and MySQL […]