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Seven Words That Kill Companies

Each day, companies die a little when their employees utter these seven fateful words: “We have always done it like that.” We are, it seems, victims of our own inefficient habits. Consider this real-world example of antiquated workflow, and its potential business impact.

As I mentioned, this example comes from an actual former client of mine. But I’m you’ll recognize some of your own customers in this antiquated purchase order workflow:

Another Startup Standardizes On the Mac

The VAR Guy is a fly on the wall this morning at Nine Lives Media Inc., the startup company that operates this site. As he bangs away this blog entry, he’s please to hear the first executive decision from the Nine Lives team: “We’re standardizing on Macs.”

Autotask CEO Talks MSP 2.0

The VAR Guy loves a good sequel. The Godfather Part II. American Pie 2. Oh, and now there’s a talk about MSP 2.0 from Autotask CEO Bob Godgart. The VAR Guy caught up with Godgart earlier today in Las Vegas. As usual, Godgart was thinking big. Really big. And he also had some thoughts about […]