What's Your SMaC Business Recipe for Success?

What's Your SMaC Business Recipe for Success?

Best-selling author Jim Collins and ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini spent much of last week's IT Nation conference talking about SMaC: A specific, methodical and consistent (SMaC) recipe for success. Bellini even shared his SMaC recipe for success as an IT service provider in Tampa, Fla. Here it is.

The SMaC recipe includes:

  1. Service clients within 50 mile radius of our office.
  2. System engineers must be 80% billable.
  3. Hire ONLY fast, smart people. They must pass our testing.
  4. Make our colleagues happy; achieve super-low employee turnover.
  5. Create accountability for servicing clients; establish an owner of an issue -- hand-offs cause fumbles.
  6. We will sell hardware with a 20 percent margin target.
  7. We should get recurring revenue from EVERY client.
  8. Customers must leverage more than one of our offerings: Service, hardware, agreement, development.
  9. Avoid lawyers and doctors as clientele.
  10. Don't take on clients that have their own IT departments -- though that changed when ConnectWise introduced a co-managed IT tool.
Then Bellini quipped that many IT service providers typically have the following SMaC recipe:
  1. Don't know.
  2. Not sure.
  3. Still thinking.
  4. Uhh...
  5. Give me a second.
  6. Probably something with the cloud.
  7. Dude, why are you asking me this stupid question?
  8. I'm too busy right now.
  9. I know Joe knows; hey Joe!
  10. We'll figure it out later.
Bottom line: You'll notice that a SMaC recipe for success is pretty boring and straightforward. There's  no need to chase shiny new technologies. Instead with the mundane but do it with fanatical focus.
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