Transitioning from VAR to MSP: Podcast Part II

Back in a May 2009 podcast, I spoke with David Schafran and Michael Coopersmith about how a consultant can help a solutions provider transform into a managed service provider. Fast forward to December 2009, and I followed up with Schafran (president of Transformation Strategies Inc.) and Coopersmith (owner of Integrated Technology Systems of New York City) to see how the the business transformation was proceeding. Here is part two of the two-part podcast.

Our conversation covered:

0:00: Introduction
0:42: Recap - the first podcast, Why Integrated Technology Systems engaged with Transformation Strategies
1:07: Developing workflows while running your business - can it be done?
1:40: Assisting with workflows, onboarding service desk experts and organizing your staff around managed services
2:45: Are all transitions from VAR to MSP similar?
3:32: Key outcomes so far for Integrated Technology Systems
4:20: How long does a transformation engagement require?
4:50: 2010 strategic planning
5:33: Key questions to ask yourself before the transformation process
7:30: Evolutions for 2010

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