Time for MSPs to Test Microsoft Bing Advertising?

Time for MSPs to Test Microsoft Bing Advertising?

microsoft-bing-paid-searchOver the past few weeks one of MSPmentor's most widely read blog posts involved tips and tricks for mastering Google Adwords and Google paid search. But growing buzz around Microsoft Bing got me wondering: Should managed service providers (MSPs) start testing paid search and advertising on Microsoft Bing? Here are some quick thoughts.

Microsoft has won over quite a few skeptics with Bing. SearchEngineWatch.com says Bing ads are showing strength in key vertical markets. And Mashable, one of my favorite social media sites, says there are at least five reasons why users should switch from Google to Bing. Mashable adds:

"A Nielsen report shows that it currently holds 10.7% of the search market (to Google’s 65%), but its month-over-month growth is 22%, which is astronomical."
At MSPmentor during August 2009, we noticed Bing sent us twice the traffic that Yahoo sent us. Still, Google sent us 22 times the traffic that Bing sent us. So, Google remains the king of search and Bing is growing.

Eager to accelerate that momentum, Microsoft this month (September 2009) is testing new paid search ad formats using logos and favicons embedded in listings, notes Online Media Daily.

I wonder: Will MSPs give those paid search opportunities a try?

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