Should MSP CEOs Focus Mainly On Sales?

During a meeting yesterday with EUS Networks -- a solutions provider in New York -- company co-founder Jeronimo Romero described how he launched the business with a partner back in 2001. When I asked him who actually runs day-to-day operations and who manages sales, Romero's answer surprised me. Here's why.

Neither Romero nor his business partner actually run the business. Instead, they hired a chief operating officer (COO) to oversee the day-to-day operations.

The reason: Romero and his business partner believe they are best equipped to drive customer engagements and sales. "Our customers like dealing with the company owners," says Romero. "So we both stay out in front of our customers and do business development."

At a time when so many MSPs express a need to find and hire sales help, EUS Networks solved the dilemma by looking inside -- to the company founders -- and offloading day-to-day management responsibilities to a COO.

I wonder: Are other MSPs following suit? Should they?

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TAGS: Leadership
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