Seven Managed Services Blogs I Didn't Have Time to Write: Aug. 28

You know the drill: It’s already Friday and my inbox is filled with MSP-oriented news leads, tips and chatter that have yet to land on MSPmentor’s home page. Here are seven quick managed services headlines I didn’t have a chance to write during the week ending August 28.

1. Kaseya and Mac OS X Snow Leopard: Kaseya says its agent for Mac OS X is incompatible with the new Mac OS X Snow Leopard release, which debuts today (August. 28). Kaseya says it's working on a solution.

2. Can Managed Print Save the Day?: Printer sales are tanking, and vendors are now looking to Managed Service Providers and Managed Print as a potential fix for the situation.

3. VMworld and Managed Service: The big VMworld event starts Aug. 31 in San Francisco. Quite a few managed service providers -- plus ConnectWise -- plan to attend. We'll be watching the event closely.

4. SharePoint and MSPs: Managed service providers (MSPs) generally need PSA (professional services automation) and RMM (remote monitoring and management) software. But do they also need Microsoft SharePoint? Seems to be the big trend among MSPs.

5. Gateway Europe: The PC maker announced a European MSP strategy with Level Platforms in May 2009. I need to get an update on the effort.

6. Marketing Dollars: Readers flocked to our blog about MSPs using Google Adwords. But how much should MSPs spend on marketing and advertising. I still need to write that blog.

7. Shameless Plug: MSPmentor's Twitter Feed now has more than 2,000 followers.

What did we miss this week? What does MSPmentor need to cover in the weeks ahead? We’re listening.

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