Seven Managed Services Blogs I Didn't Have Time to Write: Aug. 21

It's already Friday. Again. My inbox is filled with MSP-oriented news leads, tips and chatter that has yet to land on MSPmentor's home page. Here are seven quick managed services headlines I didn't have a chance to write during the week ending August 21.

1. Kaseya Testing Customer Portal: The forthcoming system will allow customers to connect with Kaseya, manage accounts, receive support and training, get live Kaseya announcements, and acquire services, according to teaser text I saw. Hint, hint: I think Kaseya is building some App Store type features into the customer portal.

2. Cisco Master MSPs: HEIT, an MSPmentor 100 company, is serving as a Master MSP to a range of Cisco partners. The trend will surely accelerate since many Cisco partners don't have the time or money to build their own NOCs (network operation centers).

3. Nimsoft vs. Dell Managed Services: Let's just say there's a potential war of words brewing between Nimsoft and Dell Managed Services. So far Nimsoft is doing all the talking. I nearly blogged about it a few times this week. But I'm digging for some more concrete information.

4. Xchange: I'd write about the conference and eat all the on-site snackage... if only the conference was open to third-party media.

5. Critical Mass: 65 percent of businesses now leverage managed services, up from 27 percent in 2006, reports Network World.

6. We're hiring: Sorry for the shameless plug. But we need bloggers.

7. Finally started using for shared document management. So far, so good.

Bonus: The MSPmentor 250 list and report (2009 edition). Stay tuned. It's coming soon.

What did we miss this week? What does MSPmentor need to cover in the weeks ahead? We're listening.

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