Sales Cold Calls: Cutting Through the Noise

Sales Cold Calls: Cutting Through the Noise

So many potential customers today live in a world of too much information. They are pitched to by snail mail, email, internet ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, other ads wherever they look, cold calls, tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn invitations, and more. Unplugging is a term people use to talk about disconnecting from it all for some peace.  We live in an age of being overwhelmed by information and content. So how does your business cut through the noise to get your message to decision makers? Here are a few tips from masters of the cold call – entry level stars at commercial real estate brokerage firms.

The Wall Street Journal provided a perspective on the work of these brokers last year, but the tips apply across all industries and these brokers' practices can inspire a host of tactics for cold call sales success. Here’s how MSPs can put them into practice.

  1. Do your research. So you have the name of a prospect. Look at that person’s LinkedIn profile. Collect some background information so that you have a better feel for the person you hope to speak with.  When you have a better idea of who you are talking to, you have a better chance of making the most of a 30 second phone opportunity.
  2. Do the same kind of research that person’s company. Do they have a presence on LinkedIn or other social media? What can you glean about the company’s goals from the information that is publicly available? You need to talk in terms of that company’s goals.
  3. What about the company’s website? Where is it hosted? Who owns the domain name? Is there a developer listed at the bottom of the site? You can even right click to check out the source code here.
  4. What are the potential IT pain points for this company’s industry and geography? Any compliance issues?
  5. What about job openings? Is the company running any help wanted ads locally in the newspaper or Craigslist or on Monster or another site? Look at the job descriptions for clues about what the company may be looking for in terms of its goals or pain points.
  6. Put together a short, compelling statement that you can leave on voice mail. Because even if you do get through, chances are you will be sent to voice mail.
  7. Start your voice mail message with something striking and dramatic to grab your target’s attention and prevent him or her from hitting the delete button right away. (Think about what would grab your attention.)  Don’t forget to  leave your phone number at the end of the message and speak slowly and clearly when you are leaving your phone number.


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