Reader Poll: How Did MSPs Perform In 3Q?

Reader Poll: How Did MSPs Perform In 3Q?

managed-services-revenueAmy Katz (my business partner) and I spent Tuesday in Boston meeting with a range of IT companies. For the first time in about two years, the economy did not dominate our meeting discussions. It made me wonder: Are managed services providers (MSPs) experiencing a strong 3Q?

Since 3Q ends in a week or so, I figured now is an ideal time to check in with MSPs to see how your current quarter's performance shapes up compared to 3Q 2008. So please take this quick reader poll:

Pre IPO Chatter

Also of note from yesterday, one executive we met says financial markets have improved enough to strongly consider an IPO in 2010. His company has been closely watching LogMeIn and Solarwinds performance on Wall Street. Both of those companies launched IPOs this year.

I realize most MSPs will never pursue IPOs. But it's good to hear software companies are starting to feel better about the economy. I wonder: Are MSPs also starting to see an upturn?

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