Nimsoft CEO Watching Company Expenses

Nimsoft CEO Watching Company Expenses

Nimsoft CEO Gary ReadAfter some lengthy business travel, Nimsoft CEO Gary Read (pictured) updated his blog on October 29. In it, he mentions that Nimsoft's business (focused on corporate IT management as well as managed services) remains strong.

However, Read offered this view of Nimsoft expenses and the economy:

"we've decided to watch our costs in some areas. This is not a reflection of actual business which has continued to be very strong (Q3 results announced soon, I promise!) but more a precautionary measure because of everything that all the analysts and experts are telling us. We've actually had a very good start to Q4, and the sales forecasts are really strong but, as I say, we cannot ignore all the advice that's being given that spending will slow, it would be irresponsible of us to do so."
You can catch Read's entire blog entry here.

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