The Newest New Economy for Entrepreneurs

I have a theory about startups (companies forming during this recession) that hasn’t been tested yet, so I’ve been reaching out to my network for input -- on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, lots of emails, a few chats over coffee, and now here.

First, some background. What has happened in this economy is like the difference between:

  • B.C. and A.D.;
  • before the Great Depression and after;
  • the world of 9/10 and the world of 9/11 and beyond; and
  • before the Web and after.

New Game, New Rules

Some people are calling it a “reset,” which it is, only that’s not a big enough word to describe it.Here’s my thesis: In this new world, there are going to be billions and trillions of dollars made in hundreds of thousands of new startup businesses -- most of them small with sales in the millions and healthy profits.

BUT….these startups are being created with a new set of assumptions, business models and rules that were unimaginable before.

So my questions for you are:
  • What will the new businesses be?
  • And what are the new rules?
Looking forward to your reply.

MSPmentor contributing blogger Mitch York coaches executives who are evolving into entrepreneurs. He is a veteran of high-tech media and an entrepreneur himself. Find York — and his personal blog — at MSPmentor is updated multiple times daily. Don’t miss a single post. Subscribe to our Enewsletter, RSS and Twitter feeds.
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