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MSPs: Six Ways to Generate Leads Without Asking for Them

MSPs: Six Ways to Generate Leads Without Asking for Them

When it comes to lead generation for managed services providers (MSPs), what's really effective and what's just hype?  It's an age-old question that has riddled the channel for years and left many to take a shotgun approach to marketing and advertising, or even worse, to rely on their vendor and distribution partners for leads.  Either way you look at it, nobody is winning.

So, what's the best way to generate leads?  My advice for channel partners -- first, never stop marketing your services and value. Second, stop asking for leads.  Instead, start telling for leads by investing your time and energy in building relationships, sharing your successes and passing out leads of your own.  I know it sounds like a lot of work and a little bit of karma, but these tactics will generate the leads and client referrals you're looking for.

During a recent MSP University webinar, I engaged with a number of MSPs on effective lead generation tools and practices. (You can check out the archive here.)  The big takeaway was identifying best practices that will not only raise your visibility, but also draw in leads without you having to ask for them. Here are six ways to get started:

1. Play the Field - Get out there and start talking with your customers, prospects, industry, vendor partners and distributors.  The more people you engage with, the greater your circle of influence becomes.

2. Share Your Successes - Tout your wins and celebrate your accomplishments in every way you can.  Whether this is done through a combination of social media efforts, press releases, success stories or simple emails to clients, partners and prospects that showcase what you're doing -= getting the word out is a must.

3. Build Relationships - Don't be Oz.  Come out from behind the curtain and get to know your staff, your customers and your partners. Also, don't hesitate to engage your local community leaders and press -- this pool of influencers can and will become a major lead generation hub for your business.

4. Make Yourself Available
- Don't shy away from participating in vendor events, news releases, testimonials, success stories, and other press efforts.  These can be your golden ticket to increased brand awareness, and 99 percent of the time these vehicles are offered at no cost to you.

5. Do Some Marketing - You don't have to "go big" as they say, but have the basics in play. That includes managing your brand, keeping your website up to date, having the right collateral to support your sales staff, participating in industry events, and co-marketing with your top vendors and other business partners.

6. Give Leads to Get Leads - And last, but certainly not least...share the love.  By extending a lead here and there - even if it's not revenue driven - you're showing your business partners and
customers that you care about the success of their business and see the value in what they do.

Like the saying goes, what goes around certainly comes around and lead generation is no exception.

Jason Beal is Director, Services Sales, Ingram Micro North America. He plays a key role in Ingram Micro Seismic. Monthly guest blog entries such as this one are part of MSPmentor’s annual Platinum sponsorship.

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