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MSPs: Promote YOUR Brand Whenever Possible

MSPs: Promote YOUR Brand Whenever Possible

There are many ways to brand your business: website, business cards, brochures, social media, and more. One opportunity you may have overlooked is ON the products and services you provide. Are you driving your brand or are you allowing vendors to promote themselves to your clients?

There are plenty of white label solutions available for you to rebrand with your own logo and colors; make sure you take them into serious consideration when you are choosing the suite of solutions for your IT practice. Your clients don’t care about WHO provides the virus protection or back-ups; they just want you to provide products and services that work!

What’s so great about white label product/services?

  • Your branding is in front of your clients, in more places, on systems they use every day
  • You, the solution provider, hold the end user information
  • You can easily move from vendor to vendor for your services with minimal change from the client’s perspective. Your only comment need be “we’ve upgraded”
What can happen if you don’t use white label? Learn from my experience, which includes attempts by some vendors to go around me and market directly to my client base (I wisely seeded my own info on these lists to monitor the vendor shenanigans) and client confusion. Answering questions about why we switched from one vendor to another is unproductive and a waste of their time and mine.

So choose channel friendly white label offerings, which allow you to build YOUR brand and protect your clients.  And when you don’t see a white label option in the marketplace, ask for it. It’s our responsibility, as the IT Nation, to drive change and protect the channel.

Are you using any white label offerings? Any new white label products and services on the market?

David Bellini is president of ConnectWise. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of MSPmentor’s annual platinum sponsor program. Read all of Bellini's guest blogs here.
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