MSPs Facing Sales Talent Shortage?

MSPs Facing Sales Talent Shortage?

For the second time in a week, a key voice from the managed services industry said his biggest challenge involves finding and recruiting talent, particularly sales talent. The big question: Is there a shortage of sales talent within the MSP ecosystem? Or are we looking in the wrong places for the talent?

The latest call for help comes from Chuck Lennon, president of TeamLogic IT, a fast-growing franchise operator for VARs and MSPs. During the Channel Happy Hour podcast yesterday, Lennon mentioned that he's gearing up for growth this month. His top priority is helping franchisees to find sales talent for their growing businesses.

Meanwhile, in a recent blog entry, Nimsoft CEO Gary Read mentioned that his biggest challenge -- surprise, surprise -- is finding and recruiting the right talent. Moreover, MSP industry players like CharTec, Do IT Smarter and Print Choices each have listed sales opportunities in the MSPmentor Career Center.

And our best-read guest blog from the past few weeks focused purely on sales and the Rainmaker Business Model for MSPs.

I realize the examples above are purely anecdotal. But when you listen to the managed services community as a whole, it seems like the loudest voices are talking about (A) sales development or (B) the need to find, recruit, train and retain sales talent.

I've previously told MSPs to target under-performing industries -- such as former real estate professionals -- for potential sales talent. But a few readers said I was off my rocker.

I wonder: Where, ultimately, can MSPs find the best sales talent?

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