Memo to MSPs: Keep Traveling During Economic Slowdown

Web seminars are fantastic for quick, educational tutorials about managed services and business management. Skype and other tools allow us all to connect for free over vast distances.

But as we all consider the economy and our second quarter budgets, one thing just became super-clear to me: We can't afford to stop traveling to highly targeted industry events. Here's one example to prove my point.

Despite the slowing economy, MSPmentor continues to invest in (A) R&D and (B) technology. This weekend, I'm in Texas at an event for bloggers and content companies. In less than 24 hours, I've met dozens of bloggers, Web development shops, social media experts and other gurus who are leading the Web 2.0 revolution.

For the price of a round-trip plane ticket and a two-night hotel stay, I've affirmed that our business strategy is dead-on, and I've gained new ideas and relationships that will last a business lifetime. You cannot achieve such rapid learning and relationship building sitting behind your desk.

Regardless of the economy, you should always manage your travel and IT dollars wisely. Pick your spots. Attend events that offer the most potential bang for your buck. Gather knowledge in the field, and then apply it to your back-office systems.

MSPmentor already has one fast-growing sister site, known as The VAR Guy ( We're launching another site in a few weeks because we believe in investing in our business -- even during a mixed economy.

Managed service providers would be wise to do the same.

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