Managed Services Sales In Q2: How Did You Do?

Managed Services Sales In Q2: How Did You Do?

abcAs the second quarter nears its close for many technology companies, I'm curious: How are managed services sales holding up out in the market? Has your business resumed growth after the turbulent first quarter than many of us witnessed?

I'm starting to see some upbeat Q2 anecdotes in the market. Nimsoft CEO Gary Read has been particularly active on his blog, stating:

  • June 24: "We are continuing to do well in new deals - another significant Managed Service Provider came on board today..."
  • June 23: "Today Nimsoft broke its record deal size.....again! A hugely visible and amazing customer name - one of the best companies in the world."
As a privately held company, Nimsoft doesn't have to disclose net income and other deeply detailed financial information. But the anecdotal data points from Read offer some hope that the broader MSP market continues to perform strongly.

I'm running to a flight, so I'll have to do more reporting on Q2 performance in the days ahead. In the meantime, if you have Q2 financial perspectives and anecdotes to share please do so in our comments area.

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