Managed Services Provider (MSP) Pricing for PC and Server Support

Managed Services Provider (MSP) Pricing for PC and Server Support

MSP pricing -- how much to charge for proactive managed services -- has always been a hotly debated topic. Now, some answers: Managed services providers (MSPs), on average, are charging about $52 per desktop and $216 per server for monthly support and maintenance. The stats are from a Kaseya MSP Global Pricing Survey that I (finally) spotted. Here's a closer look at the numbers.

Admittedly, I'm a little late to the game on this one. The survey results are about a year old. But they're available for registered download on Kaseya's website. Among the stats worth noting:

  • More than 435 MSPs participated in Kaseya's global survey.
  • Break-fix resellers that sold block-hour support charge about $90 per hour, on average. The figure was significantly higher in the U.S. ($119) and Australia ($122), among other areas.
  • MSPs charge $52 per desktop, on average, for ongoing desktop support and maintenance per month. The figure was considerably higher in Canada ($90, though only 17 MSPs were represented) and the United States ($65 on average from 234 MSP responses).
  • MSPs charge $156 per server, on average, for ongoing server support and maintenance per month. MSPs in New Zealand ($278, based on 11 MSP responses), the United States ($216) and Australia ($211, based on 55 MSP responses) charged the highest feed.

I realize some pricing trends may have changed significantly since the survey results were published in Q1 2011. In recent months, I've increasingly heard about all-in per-user pricing (rather than per-desktop pricing) that helps MSPs to generate as much as $100 to $150 per user per month. Also, I'm curious to how the pricing statistics would change based on vertical markets served.


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