Managed Services Peer Groups: N-able Update

Peer groups -- which allow managed service providers to compare best practices behind private closed-door meetings -- remain the rage. But some of the "recent" buzz actually started months ago. N-able, for instance, quietly disclosed its peer group plans in a blog entry back in January.

At the time, Taylor Business Group Co-founder Larry Schulze told N-able partners to prepare for BIGs (Business Improvement Groups). The groups, he noted, would allow N-able partners to:

"discuss MSP best practices, as well as general practices involving all aspects of your business including your other service department offerings and operations, sales and admin."
Quite honestly, I wasn't aware of N-able's relationship with Taylor Business Group until an N-able spokeswoman last week pointed me to the original January 2009 blog post. I think Schulze and N-able have since been silent about the BIGs peer group strategy. And I haven't seen an official/formal announcement from N-able yet.

But during a phone call last week, Schulze briefly mentioned to me that he expected more news about the N-able peer groups to be forthcoming.

Choose Your Partner

Meanwhile, Taylor Business Group has made an official peer group announcement involving Autotask customers. And HTG Peer Groups is working more closely with ConnectWise partners.

Why are MSPs lining up to join peer groups? Multiple factors are involved. But to me, there's a clear link between MSP-oriented software and proper business management. Peer groups reinforce that link.

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