Managed Services: Branding All Day, Every Day

Managed Services: Branding All Day, Every Day

inhouseIT managed service provider
Amy Katz (MSPmentor's co-founder) and I spent Wednesday visiting a range of companies across Southern California. We were particularly impressed when we visited inhouseIT, ranked No. 8 in last year's MSPmentor 100 list. The executive team's secret sauce: Sales processes, branding and projecting a professional business image.

During our one-hour inhouseIT visit, we noted a few key trends:

  • Branding: inhouseIT has six company mobiles that are branded like the photographed car above. Notice the consistent color sheme, the short-and-memorable URL and the fantastic tagline: "Your Technology Department." The company doesn't get bogged down in technology jargon that only another MSP would understand. Instead, they are marketing 24x7 -- through their auto fleet -- to small business customers.
  • Professional Offices: inhouseIT's offices have a trendy, fun layout. Yes, there's an Xbox 360 and LCD screens in the office kitchen. But this isn't a dot-com company waiting to burst. Work areas all have the same,  consistent, Gen-X trendy furniture and most of the employee workstations have three LCD screens to help employees multitask as they help customers. When you walk around the offices, you feel as if you're in a min-EDS command center, built for modern-day SMB managed services.
  • Professional Attire: This is a big pet peeve of mine. Fact is, many VARs and IT consultants don't dress for success. We've all seen resellers dress down at conferences and even at customer visits. In stark contrast, everyone at inhouseIT dresses as if they work for a major accounting or consulting firm. But business attire -- rather than street clothes -- appears to be standard operating proceedure at inhouseIT.
I'll post some more observations from our business trip later today.

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