HTG Peer Groups Launches HTG Online for Smaller MSPs

HTG Peer Groups Launches HTG Online for Smaller MSPs

HTG Peer Groups is expanding its base by launching an online peer group option specifically tailored to those smaller companies who are unable to participate in the traditional HTG Peer Groups because they lack the time and money for quarterly travel. HTG Online offers an HTG-like experience during monthly, online meetings instead. Here are the details.

First, keep in mind that many of the  truly successful managed service providers today either participate in HTG Peer Groups or else another peer group or coaching organization. Last summer HTG Peer Groups founder Arlin Sorensen told me that he wanted to bring the HTG experience to smaller MSPs so they could benefit and experience the growth that comes with such a focus on improving their businesses and their lives.

Making HTG Work for Smaller Companies

Here’s how HTG Peer Groups puts the dilemma in its statement announcing HTG Online: “For growing companies, and certainly those just starting out, limited resources often means putting professional development on a back burner. However, missing out on peer feedback and emerging industry trends can prove disastrous in the long term.”

HTG Online will consist of web-based meetings typically from 60 to 90 minutes long that are led by an industry veteran who facilitates discussion of homework and assigned reading materials. HTG Online members will work to improve their businesses and their lives through a combination of educational content, independent study and online meeting collaboration.

HTG Online is an adaptation of HTG Peer Groups’ conventional membership, which consists of face-to-face quarterly meetings, networking and an annual summit.

“We understand that for a developing business, not only are out-of-pocket dollars a hindrance to participating in our in-person quarterly meetings, but also the lost billing opportunities from not being in the field,” said Arlin Sorensen, founder and CEO of HTG Peer Groups, in a prepared statement.

“I personally have always had a heart for the small guy. In fact, I was the only guy in my company for the first five years, so I can relate to the challenges of running a business with few resources. I also understand that as an owner or executive, there’s so much you need to know and sometimes you don’t know where to turn. That’s why we’re here.”

The first two HTG Online groups were launched on July 12 with members from across the United States and Canada. Additional groups are forming and will be launched in August and September.  The fee for the HTG Online Program is $1200 when paid annually. More information is available here.

HTG Peer Groups also announced that members of traditional HTG Peer Groups will also benefit through an additional web-based program designed to support the development of second-level managers and staff showing strong leadership potential.  More information about this program is coming in September.

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