HTG Conference: Why IT Vendors Are Joining Peer Groups

HTG Conference: Why IT Vendors Are Joining Peer Groups

You already know that managed services providers (MSPs) are joining peer groups like HTG. But now, some IT vendors are taking a similar path to potential success. One prime example: Roughly a dozen IT vendors -- ranging from ConnectWise to Xerox -- are seated in a peer group meeting right now at the HTG All conference in Orlando, Fla. What value do peer groups have to vendors? Here are some thoughts.

First, some background for those who aren't familiar with peer groups. Peer groups typically include about 12 VARs and MSPs from non-competing regions. The peer group members share financial and business information to drive each member's business forward.

The big question: Can IT vendors also share best practices with each other in a peer group setting? My knee-jerk answer: Yes, based on what I'm hearing while seated in HTG's first peer vendor group. A few quick examples:

  • CA Technologies shared best practices for hosting webinars that drive qualified end-customer leads to channel partners.
  • Great America Leasing shared best practices for HR, hiring and retention.
  • SonicWall described how the company inspires VARs and MSPs to renew customer service contracts.
  • There are plenty of additional examples... but I arrived a bit late to this party.
Bottom line: Each Best Practice presentation lasted about 10 minutes. Vendors were taking notes frantically during the session. And most of the presentations triggered plenty of questions -- and answers -- from each vendor in the room.

Simply put, it sounds like HTG Peer Group Founder Arlin Sorensen is onto something with this vendor peer group concept. Shared best practices among non-competing vendors... It sounds so simple but I think it rarely happens. HTG appears poised to change that.

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