How to Measure Your Managed Services Progress

How to Measure Your Managed Services Progress

managed-services-metricsWhen I visited mindSHIFT (a prominent managed service provider) on August 14, I quickly discovered the company measures everything. Pushing far beyond revenues, operating income and net income, mindSHIFT offered me a range of statistics culled from the company's business operations. Here's a look at some key performance milestones at mindSHIFT, and the bigger-picture implications for rival MSPs.

Let's start with that bigger picture: J. Michael Drake, chairman and CEO of masterIT, an MSP in Bartlett, Tenn., often tells me that his company competes against itself -- measuring a range of data points and then striving to beat those data points at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.).

The folks at mindSHIFT, the top-ranked company in our MSPmentor 100 report (2008-2009 edition), take similar steps to gather and promote their business metrics -- including (but not limited to) the following statistics:

(graphic courtesy of mindSHIFT)

Turning Numbers Into New Business

Now imagine walking into a client meeting armed with those facts and figures. On the one hand, you want to be careful not to overwhelm your prospective customers with tech stats. But on the other hand, the data points above communicate mindSHIFT's strong track record managing customer systems.

I wonder: Do you have similar data points at your finger tip for sales calls and presentations?

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