How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love the Recession

How I learned to stop Worrying And Love the RecessionSpecial from MSPmentor' sister site, The VAR Guy is touring Silicon Valley this week. He met Netscape veterans launching a new company. He visited Trend Micro insiders. He spoke with the CEO of Nimsoft. During more than six hours of meetings, the recession was discussed for about 15 minutes. Fact is, savvy IT businesses aren't bombing. And they aren't bogged down in recession talk. Here's a recap of Day 1 in Silicon Valley.

The meetings:

  • One-Thousand MSPs: A trusted source within Trend Micro says the company now has roughly 1,000 VARs offering Trend's managed security services. Instead of going into hibernation mode during the recession, Trend Micro is gearing up for a 2009 partner summit in Florida. Surely, some events are worth canceling. But the decision by Trend Micro and Cisco Systems to move forward with their respective 2009 partner summits shows how vital the IT channel remains to technology sales.
  • Fully Funded, And In Launch Mode: The VAR Guy met with a former Netscape executive who has launched a cloud-focused company. Sorry, but our resident blogger signed a non-disclosure agreement so he can't offer specific details about the company. But he can say this: The start-up's CEO is in hiring mode, seeking marketing experts who can promote the company's cloud service, which will launch around spring of 2009.
  • Nimsoft Still Growing: Nimsoft CEO Gary Read described how the company continues to attract managed service providers and corporate IT customers by disrupting the traditional network management (HP OpenView, CA Unicenter, IBM Tivoli, BMC) market. In fact, Nimsoft now offers a free Macintosh to the company's top saleperson during designated sales periods. Where does The VAR Guy sign up for that gig?
Oops. Got to run. It's time for another full day of meetings in Silicon Valley. Stay upbeat. Stay focused. And ignore all those doom-and-gloom folks who say you can't build a business during a recession.
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