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Global Economy: 3 Signs of Hope for MSPs

global-economy-handWe're not out of the woods yet, but multiple geographies are showing signs of an economic recovery. From North America to Europe and now Japan, improving economic indicators could help managed service providers accelerate their businesses in 2010. Here's a look at some of the most recent economic signs...

...from across the globe:

  • Europe: Weekend news reports declared: "Europe's worst recession since World War II is over, figures showed today, leaving UK companies hoping that a recovery on the continent will help drag Britain from the downturn."
I spoke with several managed service providers and VARs during the Cisco Partner Velocity conference in Paris. While some regions  continue to struggle (example: Dublin, Ireland), solutions providers from Germany and France told me business is looking up.

Edison Peres, senior VP of worldwide channels at Cisco, offered Velocity attendees four pieces of advice for accelerating growth in 2010.
  • Asia: Japan’s economy expanded at the fastest pace in more than two years in the third quarter, led by a rebound in domestic demand that may ease concern of a return to recession next year, Bloomberg reported on Nov. 16.
  • North America: The US recession likely ended in October 2009, but concerns about a "jobless recovery" continue. And there's concern among many MSPs that economic weakness has shifted from the East and West Coast into the Midwest U.S.

Your Back Yard

At first glance, the global picture isn't that important to an MSP negotiating a small business deal right in their own back yard.

But in reality, improving global indicators can go a long way to bolstering your own local initiatives. As banks, IT vendors and big service providers begin to open their wallets wider, small MSPs should be able to track down credit, financing and other assistance that was in short supply during the recession.

Again, I realize many regions continue to feel the economic pinch. But at a macro level, economies continue to improve -- a welcome sign as we all gear up for 2010.

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