Florida MSPs: Customers Are Spending Again

Florida MSPs: Customers Are Spending Again

Call it some friendly coopetition. Earlier this week, several Florida-based managed services providers -- located in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties -- sat down at a bar together to share a few beers, smoke a few cigars, and compare business notes. Among those who pulled up a chair for the meeting: Eric Dosal, chief operating officer for Compuquip Technologies, Inc. Here's a recap.

Dosal says the MSPs get together two to three times per year to discuss business trends. The attending MSPs range from small players specializing in 10- to 15-user shops, to Compuquip, which focuses on 50- to 300-user shops.

Trends Worth Noting

So what did this week's discussion cover? Dosal says the main themes of the evening included:
  1. Return of customer budgets: Clients are starting to spend money
  2. Now need for low-ball pricing: Clients are not balking at higher prices
  3. Peace of Mind: Backup and disaster recovery -- particularly how to price it -- was a hot topic
  4. Hardware as a Service: Each company seemed to have a different approach. Some were using a third-party such as CharTec, others were leveraging leasing partners or managing the strategy internally. "Most of the choices were driven by liquidity," says Dosal.
  5. Desktop Dollars: Managed workstation pricing ranged from $85 - $125 a desktop per month; the $125 included brand new hardware at some point during the contract, he adds. Side note: I'm not sure if those fees included all-in services like backup, endpoint security and so-on.
  6. Looking Up: Server pricing ranged from $280 - $340 per server per month. Here again, I need to check to see what services were included with that fee.
  7. The Buddy System: Most -- if not all -- of the attending MSPs are also part of peer group programs like HTG Peer Groups or Taylor Business Group, among others.
If you're holding similar impromptu MSP meetings feel free to send us a recap. We're curious to know if the trends mentioned in Florida are playing out in other regions.

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