Every MSP Needs the Following 3 People

Every MSP Needs the Following 3 People

managed services expertsSometimes broad business discussions relate pretty darn well to the managed services market. A prime example: Marketing guru Mary Schmidt says there are three types of people that every start-up needs to employ. Her points definitely relate to aspiring MSPs. Let's take a look.

According to Schmidt's latest blog entry, she says every start-up needs a mad scientist (the wide-eyed idea person), the evangelist (the person who beats the drum) and the executioner (someone who just gets it done).

Schmidt is right on point. I've seen a lot of companies with "big ideas" that didn't know how to evangelize their message or execute on a strategy. Other companies are great at taking products and services to market -- but sometimes, those products and services are just plain-old lame.

The biggest challenge for most MSPs: I think too many companies have CEOs who try to master all three tasks -- ideas, evangelism, execution. You may be good at all three items. But there aren't enough hours in the day for you to devote to each of those critical tasks.

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