Email Marketing & SMB Lead Generation: Can True Influence Help?

True Influence, which claims to be the the largest business-to-business (B2B) lead generation and email marketing firm in the world, wants to lend a helping hand in the SMB market. The company recently reported some key milestones stemming from the launch of the True Influence Relevance Engine roughly one year ago. But can True Influence help managed services providers (MSPs) to track down new customers?

First, the milestones. Since launching the True Influence Relevance Engine last year, the company has:

  • grown its business contacts database by 300 percent;
  • expanded its B2B contacts database to over twenty million contacts; and
  • increased its staff by 200 percent.
But what exactly is the True Influence Relevance Engine?

"It [Relevance Engine] automatically sends the right offer, from the right advertiser, to the right person, at the right time," said True Influence CEO Brian Giese. "So if someone wants to target SMBs, we can find the right clients for them."

Giese compared True Influence to Google in that Google uses an Adword revenue stream to direct the right offer to the right person at the right time. Similary, Giese, said, the premise behind True Influence's Relevance Engine is an algorithm that uses email instead of Adwords. The Relevance Engine algorithm puts information inside emails that make the emails more relevant to the recipients.

"Traditionally you blast out a bunch of emails and hope for the best," Giese said. "We try to send the least amount of emails with the most relevance. We've intersected the email channel with the data itself."

True Influence has recently upgraded the Relevance Engine by adding storage support and easier access to "demographic, firmographic and behavioral data," according to a company press release.

Giese claimed True Influence's contacts are verified and incredibly accurate. "Data from data vendors is about 60 percent accurate. The Relevance Engine brings that up to about 90 percent," he said. The other 10 percent? Giese has put his recent influx of employees to work, conducting call verifications to ensure the accuracy of the contact. True Influence also uses a self-service model through which users fund their own accounts and purchase leads. If the contact information is ever inaccurate, users' accounts are refunded.

Prices range from $10 per lead for lower level employees, to $30 per lead for CEOs.
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