Did Manage Services Or Executive Leadership Lift Eurodata's Profits 21.5%?

Did Manage Services Or Executive Leadership Lift Eurodata's Profits 21.5%?

Managed Services Leadership More proof that the best managed service providers are holding up pretty well during the recession: Eurodata Systems PLC, a solutions provider in London, says managed services helped the company lift profits 21.5 percent (I assume that's 2008 vs. 2007). The 120-person company says demand for its managed services grew 17% last year, and Eurodata expects the trend to accelerate in 2009. But I think Eurodata needs to spin the story slightly differently: Executive leadership is the No. 1 reason the company is growing in a bad economy.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Not all MSPs are created equally. The best MSPs are succeeding because of executive leadership, rather than magic bullet IT products.

Emperors Have Clothes

The following point is going to appear superficial and completely random, but I think it's on the mark: The best MSPs dress for success. They look like strategic corporate consultants rather than resellers.

Take a look at the Eurodata management team to see my point. When I run into top MSPs at conferences (DirectPointe and masterIT come to mind...) their executive leaders look like they are in town to acquire companies or hammer out strategic deals... rather than talk speeds and feeds.

Of course, you can't judge a book by its cover. But you do have to present a good cover -- a professional image -- to get customers to buy into your story.

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