Cool Comment: Economy Warming Up A Bit?

This blog entry has nothing -- and everything -- to do with managed services. Let me explain: I've been riding the economic roller coaster this week. Monday, I visited my accountant and heard horror stories about the credit crunch destroying small businesses across New York -- the type of small companies that typically pay for managed services. But Wednesday, a simple comment from a small business owner lifted my spirits. Dramatically.

The owner of a heating and cooling company -- the type that installs residential central airconditioning systems -- told me his 1Q business is up 50 percent from 1Q 2008. Mind you, he said Q1 2008 was a disaster. So, showing a 1Q 2009 improvement wasn't all that difficult. And the comment represents one business owner amid a growing sea of unemployed US workers.

Buy you know what? That comment lifted my spirits. And so did this little item over on published March 25:

"New home sales topped forecasts, as did durable orders, while weekly mortgage applications hit record highs."
Still, let's not get too bullish -- or bearish -- in the days ahead. Remember, the mainstream media and financial press change their tune daily -- based on the latest tidbit of economic data they can blast to the masses.

Generally speaking, I remain upbeat about the managed services market. Our own media business remains on plan for 2009. And plenty of MSPs keep telling me they're performing well.

Three Executives, One View

Oh, and one closing note: Autotask CEO Bob Godgart (via phone call), Level Platforms CEO Peter Sandiford (via email) and Nimsoft CEO Gary Read (via blog) each sound upbeat about Q1 sales. In Read's March 19 blog, he offered the following tidbit:
"Anyhow, 7 more business days to end of is good but I've got to say, many customers are "sitting on their hands" delaying decisions.
But, stock market is up right?"
That all depends on when you did the buying, Gary. Regardless, my spirits are up.

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