Autotask Prepping Partnering System

Imagine if you're a managed service provider in New York, and you want to find an MSP to help you with a project in California. With that challenge in mind, Autotask is prepping a ticket-sharing system that will help MSPs partner with one another.

At first glance, the system sounds somewhat similar to the OnForce on-demand IT services marketplace. But take a closer look, and you'll see some clear differences between the OnForce and Autotask strategies.

Autotask's system, expected to debut this spring, will allow Autotask solution providers to offer sub-contractor work to one another. The system will be designed to ease bill, project management and other services between multiple Autotask MSPs.

In stark contrast, OnForce's system isn't vendor specific. Similar in design to eBay, the OnForce marketplace allows solutions providers to bid for specific customer engagements. The marketplace is open to any solution provider, and members can offer sub-contractor opportunities to each other.

Although different in design, Autotask and OnForce are essentially striving to solve similar problems. "In this economy, a lot of solutions providers are nervous about making their 'next hire' because they don't want to add to payroll," says Autotask CEO Bob Godgart.

By outsourcing work to sub-contractors, solutions providers can still win new business without necessarily taking on additional full-time employees.

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