Ask a Mentor: What is the Sales Commission Structure for MSPs?

Ask a Mentor: What is the Sales Commission Structure for MSPs?

Each Tuesday, MSPmentor’s Ask a Mentor service publishes a reader question and invites you to weigh in with recommendations. This week’s question comes from a Florida-based seeking some information on sales compensation strategies. Here’s the question and our reply…

Question: The reader states: "I never heard from you.  Do you have any information on this topic? The average base pay and commission structure for salespeople in this industry."

Answer: Sorry for the belated reply. We get back to everyone but our inbox is flooded. We don't have average base pay at our fingertips. Plus, we think it would be important to segment the data points -- base pay would certainly vary based on (A) region, (B) size of MSP, (C) years of experience, (D) size of sales person's budget and (E) target market, among other factors.

All that said we do have a great tip regarding commission structure. But we can't take the credit. To see a potential MSP sales compensation plan, check out this guest blog from Nimsoft VP and GM Phil LaForge.

Readers: Admittedly, I'm just a blogger. You're the experts since you're dealing with the service provider industry every day. Feel free to weigh in with a comment below. Or, to submit your own question, simply visit our Ask a Mentor page. We’ll post a new reader inquiry each Tuesday. And we’ll reply privately to you as well.

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