Are MSPs Really Pro-Active?

Are MSPs Really Pro-Active?

Conventional wisdom says managed service providers are pro-active. But a new survey, commissioned by Kaseya, shows that most VARs and MSPs remain in reactive mode. So are pro-active managed services a myth -- or a goal that hasn't been achieved yet? Here's some more on Kaseya's study.

According to Kaseya:

  • The survey involved over 2,200 IT Service Providers, Value Added Resellers (VARs) and IT consultants.
  • Fewer than 20 percent of the respondents are automating IT tasks, and are instead relying on increased billing rates and decreased staff and salaries to maintain profitability, according to Kaseya CEO Gerald Blackie.
  • Predictably, the report says break/fix models can hinder the success of MSPs and IT consultants.
Still, I value data. And the Kaseya survey certainly caught my attention. I need to give it a closer look. But in the meantime, what's your view: Are most MSPs offering pro-active automated support or re-active break-fix options?

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