Another Way for MSPs to Build Customer Reports: BrightGauge

Another Way for MSPs to Build Customer Reports: BrightGauge

BrightGauge believes it has built an easier way for managed services providers (MSPs) to create and deliver performance reports to customers. BrightGauge's cloud-based application, championed by Eric and Brian Dosal (pictured), involves a five-step process to generate customer reports. Here's an overview.

According to BrightGauge, the SaaS system works like this:

  1. BrightGauge connects securely with the MSP's PSA (professional services automation) and RMM (remote monitoring and management) software systems.
  2. The MSP's reporting data transfers to BrightGauge via an SSL encrypted tunnel.
  3. BrightGauge integrates the data from the MSP's PSA and RMM systems.
  4. The MSP logs into BrightGauge and sends reports to customers.
  5. The MSP's customers log in from anywhere to see the reports.
BrightGauge sounds simple. It costs $149 (limited time offer) to $499 per month for the SaaS solution. But I concede: I have no idea if BrightGauge works as advertised.

Meet Eric and Brian Dosal

MSPmentor has been watching BrightGauge off-and-on for about a year and we're intrigued. BrightGauge was founded by Brian and Eric Dosal, two veterans of the MSP industry. Eric still runs an MSP, Compuquip, while Brian runs day-to-day operations at BrightGauge.

According to Brian Dosal:
"Reporting is that tangible weekly or monthly reminder to the clients on why they are forking over that monthly fee.  BrightGauge helps MSPs create a great personal and professional feel with those reports and with data that is tailored to and focused for executives (not just IT jargon).  And it takes minutes to schedule and create these really cool reports."

The Kaseya Connection

In December 2011, BrightGauge delivered a Kaseya-only version of BrightGauge. The news surfaced in a blog entry from Brendan Cosgrove, community director at Kaseya. Noted Cosgrove in an email to MSPmentor today:
"This latest [BrightGauge] release works natively with the Kaseya framework without a PSA requirement. With Kaseya Service Billing and all the other data we've had all along, the solution from BrightGauge is quite compelling in terms of producing amazing reports."

ConnectWise and LabTech

BrightGauge is working to expand its MSP platform support. Sometime this month, I suspect, we'll learn more about deeper ConnectWise integration -- leveraging ConnectWise's APIs. And BrightGauge already integrates with LabTech Software.

"More integrations with other RMM and PSA providers are forthcoming this Q1," said Dosal. "Being Connectwise partners ourselves at Compuquip, we have been focused on their community and that of Kaseya & LabTech."

Just Say No (To New Customers)...

In mid-2011, BrightGauge stopped taking on new customers. "It wasn't an easy decision by any stretch!," recalls Dosal. "We really focused on getting our technology geared for a much larger audience and more products in 2012.  We went live with this enhanced version at IT Nation and we bring on new customers every week and nearly every day...but still feel like a new company for the MSP community."

We look forward to updates.
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