10 Most Read Managed Services Stories Q2 2011

10 Most Read Managed Services Stories Q2 2011

As the New Year approaches, we’re looking back at the most read managed services stories of 2011. Yesterday, we recapped the 10 most read MSP news stories from Q1, 2011. Now, let's look at the most read MSP stories from Q2, 2011 and their implications for managed services providers.

10. Do You Need Account Managers or Salespeople?: This guest blog, from ConnectWise President David Bellini, struck a chord with MSPmentor readers. Bellini described which business scenarios call for account managers, and which scenarios demand salespeople.

9. Nimsoft Launches Service Desk Software: Roughly a year after CA Technologies acquired Nimsoft, the Nimsoft team unveiled service desk software for enterprises and MSPs.

8. Fifteen Trends at Managed Services Conferences: This blog offered insights from the Kaseya Connect User Conference, HTG Dallas and the Managed Print Services Conference.

7. Cloud Computing is Big Business for Small Business: This guest blog, from Ingram Micro's Jason Bystrak, described how cloud adoption in small business is growing faster than enterprise adoption.

6. Digital Signage Meets Managed Services: This blog dates back to February 2008, but readers keep coming back to learn how digital signage and managed services are converging.

5. Synnex MSPs Pursue $100 Million Managed Services Opportunity: At the Varnex conference, MSPmentor gains a behind-the-scenes look at how Synnex -- the big IT distributor -- plans to work more closely with MSPs.

4. HaaS: Equus Countering CharTec and More: A former CharTec employee jumps to Equus and promotes a hardware as a service strategy to Synnex partners.

3. Five Tips for Managed Services Marketing: This blog dates back to December 2008 -- a healthy reminder that MSPs want marketing information and guidance.

2. Per User vs. Per Device Prices - The Managed Services Debate Is Ending: At the TruMethods Schnizzfest conference, I thought I found a clear answer to the MSP pricing debate. But in late 2011 I learned that I might still be off the mark.

1. Nimsoft: Chris O'Malley Named CEO of Managed Services Software Co.: Roughly a year after CA Technologies acquired Nimsoft, a carefully planned executive transition is completed. Nimsoft Founder Gary Read exits. CA veteran  Chris O'Malley -- the executive who helped CA to target Nimsoft -- steps into the Nimsoft CEO slot and business continues to accelerate.

So there you have it: MSPmentor's most read blogs of Q2 2011. We'll be back on Dec. 29 with the most read blogs of Q3 2011.

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