SaaS Stocks Up 53 Percent So Far In 2009

With one month remaining in 2009, software as a service (SaaS) stocks remain red hot. Nine Lives Media Inc.'s SaaS 20 Stock Index is up 53.74 percent so far this year -- with 19 of the 20 index members seeing their shares rise. Here's a look at the index's year-to-date winners, plus the reason why Rackspace Hosting Inc. is joining the SaaS 20 Stock Index.

Rackspace (RAX) -- one of the industry's best-known cloud providers -- joined the index to replace Omniture, which Adobe acquired on Oct. 23. Just a reminder: We don't make buy, sell or hold recommendations nor are we endorsing Rackspace shares. Rather, the SaaS 20 Stock Index strives to track the SaaS industry's growth, evolution and health.

So far in 2009, investors have a healthy appetite for numerous SaaS companies. The SaaS 20 Stock Index's biggest year-to-date winners are:

The only member to see its shares dip so far this year is Vocus Inc. (VOCS, -10% year to date), which specializes in PR and government relations software. Although shares have rallied sharply since August  2009, they're still below the year-open price.

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