Uri Arad coCEO of SoftWatch

Uri Arad, co-CEO of SoftWatch

SoftWatch Enables Office 365 Transition with CloudIT 365

Application usage analytics firm SoftWatch has released a new service aimed at helping organizations migrate to Microsoft Office 365. The company offers a similar service for migrating to Google Apps.

SoftWatch, a provider of application usage analytics tools, has released a new tool aimed at helping organizations migrate their on-premise or other cloud applications and data to Microsoft Office 365.

The new CloudIT 365 analytics application is similar to the company's existing analytics application designed to help migrate customers to Google Apps. A Google (GOOG) Apps and Microsoft (MSFT) partner, SoftWatch has put itself in a position to help organizations take advantage of both of the top cloud-based productivity suites.

"With more than 150 successful deployments of our CloudIT for Google solution, we are looking forward to accelerating growth and strengthening our position as the market leader in usage analytics for applications and cloud services," said Moshe Kozlovski, co-CEO of SoftWatch, in a prepared statement. "We believe that the Microsoft strategy of moving to the cloud will expedite this trend and the fierce competition with Google will yield a strong demand for our services. We look forward to working with both Google and Microsoft resellers to provide advanced solutions and best practices to customers."

Not a bad position to be in, of course. Google and Microsoft have been fighting it out for dominance in the cloud productivity sphere for some time, and SoftWatch is potentially in a good position to play both sides of the field.

CloudIT 365 analysis includes a variety of applications and cloud services. It can provide usage information and analysis on common Office applications, as well as similar information about Google Apps, Lotus Notes and SharePoint. It can also offer usage information about cloud-based services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Lync.

"By making this service available to the broad corporate market wishing to migrate to Office 365, SoftWatch is now able to support the two main office applications providers and thus serve our mission to provide vital information and operational tools to decision makers who want to move to the cloud," said Uri Arad, co-CEO of SoftWatch, in a prepared statement.

According to SoftWatch, the tool was designed with the help of Microsoft resellers interested in tools that would make it easier to transition Office users to Office 365.

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