Zyrion Expands to Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

Zyrion Expands to Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

The SMB channel is flooded with remote monitoring and management (RMM) software options. But Zyrion prefers to focus on larger managed services providers (MSPs) and customers with expansive data centers, notes CEO Vikas Aggarwal (pictured). Next up, Zyrion is making a push toward cloud infrastructure management. Here's the update.

First, some background. Zyrion has been adding configuration management to Traverse -- a monitoring platform solution tailored to large enterprises that need to monitor anywhere from five to 15 data centers at once. MSP's that typically use Zyrion's plaform have a combined 1,000-plus network devices running at once and need a management system capable of efficiently handling such a load. Zyrion claims Traverse can monitor one million metrics every five minutes. True believers include Glowpoint (which landed on last year's MSPmentor 100 list), a long-time Zyrion customer that offers telepresence and video conferencing services to banks and other larger companies.

To the Cloud

Now, says Zyrion CEO Vikas Aggarwal, the company is preparing to apply its BSM (business service management) technology to cloud infrastructure. Through forums and surveys, Zyrion has found that the majority of its over 100 clients -- most of which are in the United States and Latin America -- are moving toward adopting or have already adopted cloud platforms. Zyrion is trying to adapt with its clientele and better cater to those cloud needs, notes Aggarwal.

There are other company practices that Aggarwal says attract clients to Zyrion over rival monitoring options. According to Aggarwal, Zyrion's competitors focus mainly on basic functions like whether their clients' networks and servers are, "up or down." Zyrion also monitors those types of technical details, but correlates that to how well their clients' businesses are performing.

"Now that organizations are adopting cloud, we realize that we're monitoring a shared resource that affects multiple ends," said Aggarwal. "We have to make sure that each of those ends are performing as well as they possibly can." Maybe's it's Zyrion's client-oriented development that can be credited with the longevity of its clientele. According to Aggarwal, some of its clients have used Zyrion's platform for the last eight to 10 years.

Like a few rival RMM platforms, Zyrion's latest development allows companies to monitor both public and private cloud networks. And when problems occur within a network, the Traverse platform links business services to the IT infrastructure so that Zyrion's clients can determine how the network's problem is going to effect business services. This way, those clients can tell their customers which services will and will not be available while the network is being repaired. Zyrion offers a free, 30-day trial of the Traverse platform.

We'll be watching Zyrion to see how the company's cloud infrastructure management efforts evolve in 2011.

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