Tigerpaw Software Prepares Multiple Moves for VARs and MSPs

Tigerpaw Software Prepares Multiple Moves for VARs and MSPs

Tigerpaw Software Inc. is working on a new telecom initiative to help the company's 1,400+ voice partners move into the data space, MSPmentor has learned. Meanwhile, Tigerpaw 11R2 -- an upgrade to the company's software platform -- is set to debut in the next few weeks. As frequent MSPmentor readers know, Tigerpaw is a PSA (professional services automation) platform that allows VARs, MSPs and telecom resellers to more effectively manage their day-to-day business operations. Tigerpaw President James Foxall (pictured) gave me some clues about where Tigerpaw is heading next.

In an email exchange with MSPmentor, Foxall mentioned:

  • The new telecom initiative. He declined to provide exact details since Tigerpaw is still formalizing some of the partnerships involved.
  • The Tigerpaw User Conference (Oct. 19-21, Dallas), will likely attract roughly 500 to 600 partners this year.
  • The Tigerpaw 11R2 release includes ERP capabilities for the SMB space.
While describing the Tigerpaw 11R2 release, Foxall told me to imagine the following scenario:
  1. You set up a recurring agreement for services. (monthly, quarterly, etc.).
  2. You add non-managed services and assets such as remote back-up or anti-virus to the agreement - anything you want to bill for.
  3. You link Level Platforms, N-able, Kaseya, Zenith, or LabTech Software assets to the agreement and set billing parameters for asset types.
  4. You add a payment method (credit card or ACH).
  5. You specify whether or not you want the invoice automatically emailed and the email template text to use.
  6. You specify an invoice date and a processing date.
"Once a client sets this up, their recurring invoicing is 100% touch free," Foxall asserted. "On the proper day, Tigerpaw will poll the RMM system for accurate asset information, generate an accurate invoice, roll up multiple invoices for the same client into a single invoice, email the invoice if specified, process the payment, create the payment transaction in Tigerpaw, and flow the payment to your accounting system with ZERO administrative time."

Foxall's conclusion: "This allows MSPs to add commoditized services such as web hosting that, in the past, the admin effort of billing and collecting would have negated the profit potential of such services." Foxall says the new capabilities were developed based on feedback from Tigerpaw Customer Advisory Group.

Still, I must concede: I don't know if rival PSA platforms like ConnectWise and Autotask offer similar capabilities. (Side note: Anybody else hear of Projector PSA? They're a pretty quiet player but they've been poking around the industry lately...)

Building the Team

Meanwhile, Tigerpaw is starting to put the spotlight on its broader management staff. The press release about Tigerpaw 11R2 quotes Doug Sikora, director of software development at Tigerpaw.

Sikora joined Tigerpaw about six months ago after nearly 16 years at CGS Systems. It sounds like Sikora is the point-person working with the Tigerpaw Customer Advisory Group. Also of note: Sikora implemented the SCRUM development process at Tigerpaw.

SCRUM seems to be catching on with a growing number of MSP-centric software companies, including Intronis -- the online backup and storage provider.
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