SysAid Integrates MDM Into IT Service Management Platform

IT service management software (ITSM) solutions provider SysAid Technologies Ltd. has released SysAid 9.0,  the company's most recent IT service management platform that comes with a completely integrated mobile device management (MDM) module. How can you benefit from the company's latest ITIL-certified software? Here are the details.

The MDM add-on will be included in all SysAid editions, including the Pro, Enterprise, MSP and Free editions. SysAid's new cloud version was launched on October 14, with existing cloud users receiving an automatic upgrade. The on-premise version will be released on October 28.

The Trouble with Stand-Alone MDM 
“The challenge with many stand-alone MDM solutions is that they remain mostly disconnected from other critical IT functions and are not easily integrated into a company’s overall enterprise IT service management strategy," said SysAid CEO Saar Bitner.

To address this challenge, SysAid has integrated its MDM capabilities into its overall enterprise IT service management strategy. This gives IT administrators more control over traditional and mobile assets from a central location, Bitner said. To increase transparency and consistency, the company uses a single source solution.

Which Editions will Include the MDM Add-On?
The company's Pro Enterprise, MSP, and Free editions will include the MDM add-on. The on-premise edition will be released on October 28th. Cloud users received an automatic upgrade for the new cloud version on October 14.

SysAid Knowledge Base Gets a Makeover
SysAid also gave its knowledge base a makeover in version 9.0. This feature offers hundreds of tips and how-to solutions for common IT challenges to assist IT administrators. To increase flexibility, searching and uploading information was altered within the new format. The latest knowledge base also has an enhanced user interface.

In February 2012,  SysAid released SysAid IT 8.5, which included updates to improve mobility, functionality, end-user satisfaction, and the user interface (UI). Also in the beginning of 2012, the company added two new executives as part of its strategy to expand its international presence.

SysAid's serves more than 100,000 organizations in more than 140 countries worldwide. The company provides solutions for organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies. To become a SysAid partner, visit the company's website.

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