RiverMuse Makes Mid-Market Managed Services Move

SPONSORED VIDEO: RiverMuse, which specializes in open source and commercial software, is expected to launch a new version of its mid-market managed services software today. Here's a look at RiverMuse's strategy, along with perspectives from CEO JL Valente.

According to the company, RiverMuse Pro v2.0 is a commercial offering that "consolidates IT events from all infrastructure components and monitoring tools into one centralized console for rapid problem detection and isolation, and assists in streamlining incident and problem management."

FastChat Video (Sponsored)

But as a two-year-old software company, how exactly does RiverMuse plan to stand out from the MSP software crowd? CEO JL Valente offers his perspectives in this MSPmentor FastChat Video:

The video covers
  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:20 - How RiverMuse focuses on real-time IT operations in the mid-market
  • 0:45 - The RiverMuse event and alert management platform
  • 1:05 - The key problems and challenges RiverMuse addresses
  • 1:55 - The difference between the RiverMuse open source and commercial offerings
  • 2:50 - The top RiverMuse priorities for 2010, including the latest RiverMuse Pro launch
  • 3:42 - RiverMuse plans a marketplace for third-party extensions and applications
  • 4:00 - First steps for potential MSPs
  • 5:00 - RiverMuse contact info
  • 5:19 - Conclusion
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