Paessler Adds Customizable Billing to Monitoring Software

Paessler Adds Customizable Billing to Monitoring Software

Paessler in late February will begin offering users a new billing service as part of the Paessler Routing Traffic Grapher (PRTG) -- a network monitoring and bandwidth usage software platform. According to Paessler North American General Manager Ken Sanofsky (pictured), the company has heard an ongoing request for a billing system for some time, but requests really ramped up in late 2010. Paessler surveyed its clientele for more thoughts on billing software and found some surprising feedback.

"We took a survey of 10 different clients and we got eight different responses," said Sanofsky. As a result, the billing software will be an open platform rather than a rigid billing program. In theory, it will allow each of Paessler's over 150,000 users to customize the billing system best suited to their needs.

Paessler's software is used by small businesses, large corporations and MSP's. With such a diverse user base, it's not surprising that the billing system requests were so diverse. Sanofsky says any company IT team should be able to use the billing service fairly easily.

Paessler has been in the network monitoring realm for well over a decade now, but the company didn't really make a push into the MSP market until late 2009, with the help of some of its tier 1 channel partners like Lifeboat Distribution. Since then, the company has used a combination of its own vision for software development and user feedback -- which Sanofsky says the company actively solicits regularly -- to release several new products, including the iPRTG iPhone mobile application.

Paessler still has more developments on the way for 2011 after introducing its billing platform at the end of this month. Sanofsky says the company is developing version 9 of PRTG, and plans to release it during the third quarter of this fiscal year. The company won't discuss the details yet, though we plan to follow up with the company in Q3.

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