Nimsoft CEO: No Worries About CA Deal With N-able

Nimsoft CEO: No Worries About CA Deal With N-able

When CA Technologies and N-able announced a partnership earlier today, it begged a natural question: Does CA's N-able relationship somehow compete or conflict with CA's own Nimsoft business? After all, both Nimsoft and N-able offer remote monitoring and management (RM) software for MSPs. Here's some perspective from Nimsoft CEO Gary Read (pictured).

In his personal blog, Read says N-able and Nimsoft appeal to different types of MSPs. Hardly surprising, Read continues to position Nimsoft for larger, more mature MSPs while N-able typically positions in the SMB space, though the company has been pushing into mid-market IT departments.

Even if N-able and Nimsoft did compete head-on, Read says it's healthy for parent CA Technologies to partner with N-able even as CA owns Nimsoft. Read points out that "Nimsoft actively partners with many companies that are competitors to other parts of CA."

Welcome to the world of coopetition. As MSPmentor has pointed out in recent months, MSPs should get used to RMM, PSA and other vendors increasingly competing even as they partner. Every software market eventually reaches that level of maturity.

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