N-able Integrates Report Manager with Autotask, ConnectWise

N-able partners who have converged on Montreal's Hotel Omni for the company's partner summit this week have been rewarded with something that's been on their wish lists -- the launch of Report Manager 4.0, the first that integrates N-able's reporting capabilities to include data from PSA platform companies Autotask and ConnectWise. The company also provided a look at its product roadmap for Report Manager and N-central. More on the roadmap later. First the Report Manager enhancements.

MSPs attending the conference told me this improvement is a big deal, and marks a significant improvement over previous versions of Report Manager. That's because it will save them big headaches and time as they prepare reports for their clients. One MSP told me that previously his company would have to create an RMM report and then create a PSA report and then spend time manually consolidating the information on those reports into a single executive summary to show to clients. Multiply that by how many clients you have and how often you produce the reports and you'll get an idea of how important this is to N-able MSPs.

N-able says the new reporting software now captures key metrics on all tickets, giving MSPs a big picture view of each SMB’s network and as well as access to critical profile information for faster analysis.

Report Manager 4.0 also introduces a new network assessment report designed to help MSPs attract prospects and secure major projects by using N-able’s Essential licenses, building on N-able's highly successful Freemium strategy.

N-able also made a few updates to its Freemium program during Thursday's activities at the summit. The company demonstrated its new mobile device management module and functionality, currently in beta, and said that when it launches in January it will be priced for $1 per month on a subscription basis and $20 for a perpetual license. As an introductory special, for every one you buy you get one free for life, CEO Gavin Garbutt told the assembled N-able partners.

N-able's CEO Gavin Garbutt, Director of Product Management Robert Grapes and Product Manager Chris Reid also offered detailed insight into the RMM vendor's product roadmap during the morning sessions on Thursday. The highlights included support for Mac clients, the integration of Bitdefender (and the phasing out of Panda), and by the end of 2013 something they are calling reactive management support -- an extension of the N-central platform to bring the speed and intelligence of automation to break/fix work. More on that and other N-able news soon.

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