More Automation, Sales Support in Managed Workplace 2012 R2

Much of the promise of the managed services business comes from automating simple tasks so your high level engineers and technicians have more time to do more custom, revenue-producing work. So it’s no surprise that remote monitoring and management MSP software providers are focused on improving automation in their platforms. Level Platforms is no exception. The Ottawa-based company’s new Managed Workplace 2012 R2 RMM platform’s big new features are called automatic device monitoring and persistent state management, and they are designed to save MSPs time. Level Platforms has also added new features that help with sales, reporting and management. Here are the details.

“Technology is getting more complex,” Level Platforms CEO Peter Sandiford told me. “The big pressure is on ease of use. .. How do you make it easier to do all the things you need to do.  How you onboard customers quickly. How do you run your business without having to worry about the things that can go wrong?” Level Platform’s  answer to these questions comes in its R2 release.

R2’s auto-monitoring feature automatically discovers all the devices and sets up all the rules through Policy Sets, customized packages of standard monitoring rules, and Auto-Grouping, a feature that lets MSPs define how different types of devices are monitored.  Persistent state management handles the enforcement of those policies on the network.

Automation for Sales

Level Platforms partners often use the company’s network audits as a sales tool with new prospects. Now the company has taken that further,  making  it easier for organizations to create network audits for prospects. The new Network Audit Policy Sets preconfigured in Managed Workplace collect all the data required to create reports that identify problems and opportunities across the customer infrastructure .  After the sale Managed Workplace then shifts to Network Audit to provide environment-wide monitoring and management.  That includes enabling MSPs to automate processes to remove blacklisted applications and reverse undesired configuration policies to enforce security compliance, according to the company.

The changes are welcome to partners.

“This makes it much faster to onboard a new client, especially one that has 50 to 75 workstations,” said Sean Furman, president of STF Consulting in Atlantic Highlands, N.J.  STF Consulting has been using R2 for about three months. Furman told MSPmentor that R2 means that MSPs are never second-guessing the proper policies.  There are other benefits, too.

“We are really just starting to scratch the surface,” he said.  “One of first things I want to do is build a dynamic group to figure out how any machines are not up to date on Java.  We won’t just patch manage Windows. We do many more applications.”

Other new features in Managed Workplace 2012 R2 include the following:

  • Alert functionality when devices are discovered after an initial network scan,
  • An Update Center to provide easy access to product updates,
  • MW Wire to notify users of news related to Managed Workplace from the Service Center dashboard,
  • Next-generation Service Modules.
Level Platforms will also host a “technical deep dive” into new features in Managed Workplace 2012 R2, designed for technical staff now using Managed Workplace, but open to others by invitation. The two two-hour sessions will be held on Tuesday, October 30 at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. ET.  Others should contact Level Platforms at [email protected].

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