LogMeIn Talks Up Managed Services Market

LogMeIn Talks Up Managed Services Market

logmein_managed_servicesLogMeIn, one of the few software companies to launch an IPO (initial public offering) in 2009, has started talking much more regularly about managed services and reducing truck rolls for VARs. The latest example involves LogMeIn's decision to support Intel's vPro Remote PC Assist Technology (RPAT). Here are the details.

At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, LogMeIn said its LogMeIn Pro2 remote access solution now supports Intel's RPAT. Also, the LogMeIn Rescue solution has an RPAT add-on available for purchase.

In case you aren't familiar with the products: LogMeIn Pro2 allows you to access your computer's files and applications remotely from another computer's Web browser. LogMeIn Rescue is designed for support organizations that want to offer high-touch support, training and educational services to customers, according to LogMeIn.

Money Matters

Many software companies and MSPs have closely watched LogMeIn this year because it was among the few high-tech companies to launch an IPO in 2009.

In its most recent financial results (for 2Q ended June 30), LogMeIn's revenues were $18.0 million, up 58 percent compared to $11.4 million 2Q 2008. Net income for 2Q increased to $2.3 million compared to a $3.0 million net loss in 2Q 2008.

The Intel-LogMeIn announcement suggests to me that LogMeIn is looking to push even  further into the managed services market in order to accelerate growth.

LogMeIn isn't the only company talking up Intel's RPAT technology. AT&T's Tech Support 360 Service (a remote management service that supports small businesses) will also support RPAT -- which is built into Intel's vPro technology.

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